for everyone and no one



An ever expanding list of potentialities and virtues of a simple ingredient, of a letter, of a line drawn:

  1. A line of gravity, as all things are attracted to the earth and then rise, and fly, and bloom again.
  2. The rhythmic line, a notational line, a diagram to follow for the meal; from the lightest we descend toward the heaviest and back, rising, to the lightest.
  3. The first letter of vitalism (philosophical line of thought), vitality (metabolic experience), vibrancy (bodily reaction), viscerality (affective nature). 

  4. The back of the alphabet, the best place to position oneself, not at the forefront but at the rear, engaging the common and institutional knowledge about food (the long alphabet of culinary arts) through guerrilla tactics.
  5. The distillation and extraction of substances that fall along the line into an intensified point.
  6. An act of subtraction (Khlebnikov). 
  7. The opening of a point; the letter that turns into an open mouth, and as an opening speaks, devours, yawns, laughs, or just breathes.
  8. An open eyelid, and as such – a vision, the ray of light.
  9. A signal for silent detonation.
  10. An extracted wave.
  11. Movement from the entrails to the stratosphere.
  12. A crag for the cliff dweller.
  13. A valley passage among the raging mountains.
  14. A crosshair of inspiration blasting open enclosures.
  15. A tent (sanctuary) turned upside down.
  16. A sign of more-than or less-than, depending on the direction of its rotation; never an equilibrium, always an increase or decrease. 
  17. A symbol of disjunction that, when coupled with synthesis, creates inclusive series, knots of connections.
  18. A spearhead (V) that splits nourishment (the roundness of the stomach, O > C) so as to create a new openness (vitalistic diet, VC).





“Thought is impossible without an image.”
                Aristotle, On Memory and Reminiscence (450a)

"A Call for Drawings"
BAK, Utrecht
Exhibition: 24.06.15. – 12.07.15. 

Two drawings included in this exhibit reveal a) thought-signals on gravity and b) implementation of the letter V for a series of dishes based on gravity.