Fritz Winter,  Crystal    Gradations   (1934)

Fritz Winter, Crystal Gradations (1934)


A dispensation that follows an highly ordered structure in the smallest and largest dimensions. This smooth, consistent gradient of degrees produces crystallization. The technique of crystallization goes by many names based on relative directionality: revelation, emergence, divination… It is the diamond and the diamond’s edge. An arrangement of symmetrical planes, transparent (clear) yet reflective (displacing vision). And so we present our crystals-dishes, each forged in the lightning strike of crystallization.

DISH 1, The Arachnean

Salt crystallizes in the spider's web at  Farm Dover

Salt crystallizes in the spider's web at Farm Dover

“The sole underpinning that allows for a network is a breach, a rift. If we are talking about a window, the network becomes a curtain."
Fernand Deligny, The Arachnean

Crystallization is an exact instance of Deligny's insight. Salt (a crystal) will build along a string, a spider’s line. It grows itself out of the primordial pool, assembling with nothing more than a rift (the string) and a breach (evaporation). Salt then is a network of intensity and consistency, an ingredient that cooks itself. Indeed, as Fernand claims, "above and beyond the arachnean, we find ourselves among crystals". 

This culinary manifestation of the rift forms our first entry on crystals.

DISH 2, Clarice's Breakfast


"She would dip her biscuit into the sea before eating it. She would take a bite, then dash home to swallow a mouthful of coffee." 
Clarice Lispector, Near to the Wild Heart

A rushing Brazilian woman is more interesting than a French man barricaded in his room... We take this maneuver of Clarice Lispector, who intensifies the famous image of Marcel Proust's madeleine, to create a breakfast on the run. 

Potentials of the Menu: 
Biscuit with coffee
Lavender flowers
Priljepak (a typical sea snail found on the rocks)